Tutor Awards

6 Mar 2017

Recently the School of Economics presented our top tutors with a Teaching Excellence Award. This accolade is now awarded to the top 5 tutors and the outstanding tutors of 2016 were: Sophie Byth, Ellen Wood, Karim Moummar-Rodriguez, Shunji Mei and Mike Nguyen. They also received a prize of $500 each.

The Teaching Excellence Award is presented to tutors with the highest weighted scores in the UQ Student Evaluations of Tutors (SETutor) questionnaire, which is conducted each year.

Dr Bruce Littleboy, UQ Economics Senior Lecturer and Chairman of the School of Economics Tutor Selection Committee said, “The evaluations of our tutors by their students have steadily risen from high to very high. Aptitude, commitment and training explain their extraordinary success. So many of our tutors are stellar that we have expanded the number of recipients of our Teaching Excellence Awards to 5.”

The School also endowed Distinguished Teaching Awards to tutors who obtained a weighted score of at least 4.50 out of 5.00 in the SETutor evaluation. Congratulations to the following who received a Distinguished Teaching Award.

  • Kayla Broughton
  • Alice Naughton
  • Eden O’Sullivan
  • Hannah Barnes
  • Marko Bogicevic
  • Sam Bullen
  • Anne Cumpston
  • Abbie Wang
  • Dan Maggacis
  • Prateek Choudhary
  • Josh Appleton-Miles
  • Thao Thai
  • Josh Roser
  • Ella Evans
  • Alex Reig
  • Tom Gardiner
  • Phillip Womack
  • Rhys Downham
  • Brendan Markey-Towler
  • Kevin Nguyen
  • Namira Rahman
  • Ganjar Wicaksono
  • Alex Paton
  • Miranda Murray-Douglass
  • Christina Zhang
  • Thu Nguyen
  • Lucy Nguyen


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