1. Staff Standards of Conduct (mandatory) training module This week’s UQ Update advised that the Staff Standards of Conduct training module (previously known as the Code of Conduct) has been updated and is ready for completion. The good news is, this new module incorporates fraud, corrupt conduct, and conflict of interest content meaning staff no longer need to complete the Conflict of Interest and Fraud and Corruption courses.

    Remember Staff Standards of Conduct  is a mandatory training module, to check if you are due (or overdue) for completing this course, please go to Workday and look in the app titled My learning.

  1. Promotions For any Academic staff who would like to apply for a promotion, details and the University’s timeline can be found here. Please look out for an email from the Head of School in February with the School’s timeline for the review of draft applications.
  2. Seminars done - Seminars for both the AEA and TF roles are now complete, your commitment in participating and the quality of the feedback received is very much appreciated. As information, the TF interviews have now concluded, an announcement on the Panel’s decision will be made in due course. The AEA interviews continue today with the balance scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday next week.
  3. Thank you to everyone who served on the interview panels. For the TF process, thank you to Suzanne, Axel and Michael Axelson from the Business School. For the AEA process, thank you to Claudio, Lionel, Lizi, Andrés, Daniel, A/Prof Kelly Matthews from ITaLI, Prof Elizabeth Eakin - HoS at the School of Public Health, A/Prof Gabby Walters from the School of Business, and A/Prof Lisa Kaminskas from the School of Biomedical Sciences.
  4. APD –upload by 31 January 2023 Please submit your Annual Performance and Development (APD) by the end of this month (when, if it has not been submitted by you, it will be automatically submitted).
  5. Welcome back! Next week Carol (Monday 23 January) and Daniel (Wednesday 25 January) will be back in the office, which is why this is my last Acting Head of School update (for now).

As a reminder, if there are achievements that you want me to highlight in future HoS updates, please drop me a line. These could for example include the likes of recent awards, prizes and fellowships, significant engagement or impact activity, A* journal publications, successful grants, or keynote/plenary slots at conferences.

We remain close to Ukraine as it continues to endure very dark times.