Project title: 

Understanding Influencing Factors on Student Learning Outcomes and Experiences at UQ.


Project duration:

6 weeks



The UQ Student Strategy 2016-2020 places an emphasis on improving student learning outcomes and experiences.  To investigate what factors are driving UQ student learning outcomes and experiences, a team of researchers from the School of Economics and ITaLI (Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation) has been assembled to evaluate such things as:

  • How tutoring affects the academic performance of the student-tutors themselves.
  • Whether genders of both the teacher and the student influence teaching and course evaluation outcomes.
  • How learning experiences are related to learning outcomes.
  • The determinants of student retention rates in courses and programs.


The benefits the project aims to deliver for UQ include (among others):

  • Enhancing student learning outcomes and experiences at the Program, School, Faculty, and University level.
  • Understanding diversity of learning outcomes and experiences of different student groups (eg: international or mature students).
  • Improving teaching and course evaluation methods.


Expected outcomes and deliverables:

Applicants will learn how to conduct and write a critical literature review.  It is anticipated that at least two literature reviews (on at least two different research questions) will be completed and presented in writing at the end of the project period.  The literature review material will aim to be used in future publications, along with the applicant’s name.


Suitable for:

This project is open to applicants from any School at UQ, who have completed 2 years of full-time study at UQ and who are currently enrolled at UQ.  There is no prior knowledge needed relating to theories about teaching and learning.  Good writing skills are essential.  Some experience with academic writing would also be beneficial.


Primary Supervisor:


Carl Sherwood


Further info:

Please do not contact the supervisor to learn more about the project.  If you are interested, please simply submit an application.