Master of Economics and Public Policy

An economics-focused, interdisciplinary program that examines the complex relationships between economics, governance and public policy. Graduates work in government at local, state and federal levels, and internationally.

This program is an interdisciplinary collaboration between our school and the School of Political Science and International Studies.

New to economics

Our 2-year or part-time equivalent Master of Economics and Public Policy is designed for graduates without a background in economics. You will receive comprehensive training in economics, from core principles to the more advanced study of microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics.

Have studied economics, business or commerce

If you have a background in economics, business or commerce, our 1.5-year or part-time equivalent Master of Economics and Public Policy program is designed for you.

You will receive training in areas including macroeconomics, microeconomics, political science, public policy and the impact of economic analysis on policy

You can also complete a Master of Economics and Public Policy and a Master of Development Economics concurrently in 2 years or part-time equivalent. This option enables you to expand your knowledge of economics to the developing world, and gain specialist skills in economic modelling and statistical techniques while learning about the forces that affect developing countries.

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