Intelligent Grid Research Cluster: Market and economic modelling of the impacts of distributed generation and local co-operating agent-based demand side management. (2008-2011) Funded by the CSIRO.

This project provides a comprehensive understanding of the impacts of distributed energy in the Australian electricity system. This includes the economic benefits due to deferral of network infrastructure as well as the enablement of new investment in various aspects of the electricity and energy system. It will also analyse the flow-on effects of such a massive DE deployment on the greater economy. Additionally it will provide support for the deployment of DE through recommendations on market structure and regulation.

The development of price response schemes for consumers and utilities, which will provide both system level economic benefits and end-user, cost reduction benefits. The project will provide the economic basis for energy policies needed to effectively transform Australia’s energy sector into a climate friendly state. This will cover: 

  • Specifications for Carbon trading scheme or other greenhouse gas credit trading schemes
  • Cost benefit analysis framework to help energy sector investors to make their investment decisions.
  • Market risk management models and software algorithms for operating in new greenhouse gas markets.

Final report

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