Phillip Wild conducts research at the University of Queensland and brings agent based modelling capability. Phillip's previous research experience has been in the areas of econometric modelling of National Energy Market (NEM) spot price and load time series data, 'levelised cost' and 'agent based' modelling of the NEM. Dr Wild has a PhD from the University of Queensland specialising in the field of macro-economic modelling. Phillip authored EEMG's main modelling platform the Australian National Electricity Market Model and contributed to the following six research projects while at EEMG:

  1. Author and modeller on the CSIRO Intelligent Grid Research Cluster project 'Market and economic modelling of the impacts of distributed energy' cumulating in a report of the same name. 
  2. Lead authors for six publications on the Australian Research Council Linkage project 'The impacts of carbon trading on the Australian electricity industry'.
  3. Author and lead modeller for the report and project titled 'Analysis of institutional adaptability to redress electricity infrastructure vulnerability due to climate change' for the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility.
  4. Author and lead modeller for EEMG on a collaborative project between the UQ and RATCH-Australia Corporation partially funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to establish the feasibility of a hybrid solar thermal and gas generator at Collinsville, Queensland
  5. Authoring and lead modeller for the Australian Research Council Linkage project investigating the impact of increased power supply from wind generators on the Australian National Electricity Market that is a collaborative project between UQ and industry partners.
  6. Currently, he is EEMG's lead modeller for the UQ Solar Flagship Project. 

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