Jin Young Soh received his PhD from the University of Utah, USA, in 2004. He joined the Korea Energy Economics Institute in 2005 and started his research career in the energy economics field with emphasis on international energy cooperation issues, such as energy security, regional energy system integration and climate change. Based on his research results and expertise, he has provided consulting services mostly to the government of Korea and energy related international institutes. For example, he served as an advisor of the Presidential Committee for the G20 Summit of Korea and a group leader of the Panel of Experts of the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Currently, his research interest is focused on the mitigation of climate change in general and specifically in the deployment of renewable energy and related technologies as a means of mitigating climate change. He is conducting comparative studies on the effectiveness of renewable energy deployment policy options and economic analyses and policy analyses for technologies diffusion, which improve the reliability of electricity grid systems in the presence of high shares of variable renewable energy, such as the PV and the wind power.