I am a Research Fellow at the Australian Institute of Business and Economics and the School of Economics at The University of Queensland. My expertise is in energy and environmental economics. I incorporate insights from behavioural economics and study the decision-making of individuals to design more effective interventions. My passion is using data to generate knowledge and change how society thinks and acts for the environment. 

I collaborate with electricity and technology companies, and engage with community organisations, governments, and industry bodies to increase program effectiveness by understanding and changing behaviour. 

Research Interests

Residential electricity: understanding how and why consumers respond to incentives, information interventions, and social pressures in contexts such as rooftop solar, electric vehicles and energy efficiency. 

Air quality: understanding community responses to air quality and measuring the economic costs of air pollution.

Research Impact

I generate impact by engaging with community, industry, and government at all stages of the research process. 

For example, I worked with the CEO and Board of Groton Electric, a community-owned electricity utility in the United States, to redesign electricity rates via a series of co-designed pilots, surveys and field experiments. 

My research has been featured in popular media outlets such as Freakonomics Radio, New Scientist, The Age and Brisbane Times, and I have worked to translate my research via platforms such as The Conversation, Faculti and APAC Network. 


Get in touch to explore how you can use data to understand behaviour and make a positive environmental impact.


Featured ProjectsDuration
Climate and social preferences: Do climate conditions causally determine social preferences?(2023–2024)
Highlighting the benefits of price incentives for electric vehicle charging: evidence from a field experiment with telematics data(2022–2023)