Project title: 

Productivity and Efficiency Analysis in Australia.

Project duration:

6 weeks



While the choice of particular industry or sector is open, it may also depend on the data availability as well as importance for Australia.

For example, a preference may be given to analysing the Healthcare industry (e.g., productivity and efficiency of hospitals).  Indeed, the extent of significance of improving productivity of Australian hospitals can also be seen from the estimates of the Productivity Commission, suggesting that about 5% in productivity improvement in the system of national health could be gained due to productivity reforms, which in turn could result in the net resource savings of around $3bn, where circa $2bn of savings are for States and Territories and circa $1bn for the Commonwealth. These are substantial resources that can be saved for Australian public. The academic research on productivity and efficiency of hospitals is therefore essential to identify the key factors that can help improve productivity and efficiency in Australian hospitals, and thus provide valuable recommendations for relevant reforms.

An example of a similar study (for Canada) can be found here:


If the student has great interests in another industry in Australia and the data is available, the students are welcome and encouraged to express it in their applications, explaining why such research would be useful.

Expected outcomes and deliverables:

At the minimum:

  1. Learn various methods of productivity and efficiency analysis
  2. Do a literature review on the selected industry
  3. Help with organizing data from various sources (e.g., ABS, etc.)

If time permits, and the student is interested, some estimation or analytical tasks can also be given to the student.


Suitable for:


Highly motivated students (advanced-undergraduate or graduate) interested in productivity and efficiency analysis in general or (yet not necessarily) in health industry.


Primary Supervisor:


Valentin Zelenyuk

Further info: