Speaker: Dr Umair Khalil

Affiliation: Monash University

Location: Room 262, Steele Building (#03), UQ St Lucia campus


How does exposure to violent events impact educational outcomes of children? We find that children exposed to terrorism are 26% more likely to drop out of school and 6% less likely to stay in the grade commensurate to their age. They also suffer substantial learning losses, with a 6 to 8% reduction in test scores with stronger impacts for girls. As mechanisms, we show that terror exposed areas also show a sizable reduction in teacher appointments and attendance as well as a general loss of economic wellbeing. Several robustness exercises probe the appropriacy of the causal nature of our findings.

About the presenter's meeting 

Dr Khalil will be visiting the School of Economics on Wednesday 21st September. While here, he will be using Room 520A, Level 5, Colin Clark Building. If you would like to meet with Dr Khalil, please contact A/Prof Marco Faravelli (m.faravelli@uq.edu.au) who will be his host while at The University of Queensland.

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Steele Building (#03), UQ St Lucia campus