Speaker: Associate Professor Timothy Kam
Affiliation: Australian National University
Location: Room S402, Social Sciences Building (#24), UQ St Lucia Campus


We show that competitive banking amplifies retail goods firms' ability to extract higher markups from ex-post heterogeneous buyers. This works through a new pecuniary-externality channel that is tightly connected to an equilibrium distribution of retail goods price markups. Our model generates a positive relationship between the consumer credit-to-GDP ratio and retail price markups (and their dispersion). This prediction is consistent with empirical evidence using firm-level data in the United States. The endogeneity in firms' markup responses to the presence of credit renders competitive banking not always and everywhere a welfare-enhancing proposition. Consequently, the welfare-improving role of banking liquidity transformation is ambiguous. Our model also justifies why policymakers should be worried about rising industry markups.

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Social Sciences Building (#24), UQ St Lucia Campus