Speaker: Diego Carraso Novoa
Affiliation: University of Queensland
Location: Room 629, School of Economics Boardroom, Level 6, Colin Clark Building (#39), UQ St Lucia Campus or, 
Via Zoom link: https://uqz.zoom.us/j/84030975989


We analyse takeover operations in which (i) bidding firms are risk averse; (ii) offers can be made using cash or equity stakes; and (iii) acquirers have asymmetric information. We consider both non-competition operations, where a single acquirer initiates the takeover, and competitive operations in which the target organizes an informal auction across potential bidders. We provide conditions for the existence of a pooling and separating equilibrium under both scenarios and characterize the optimal structure of offers. Additionally, we show the existence of a separating equilibrium under competition in which firms differentiate in their payment methods to take advantage of the asymmetries in information, which is consistent with the empirical evidence.

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School of Economics Boardroom, Level 6, Colin Clark Building (#39), UQ St Lucia Campus or Online via Zoom

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