Economic impacts of COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had devastating health and economic impacts and has changed how we live and work. Through this series of videos, School of Economics academics provide their insights into the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis as it unfolds and explore the potential long-term economic consequences.


Episode 9: Financing the COVID-19 government debt

Australia’s government debt has increased substantially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Associate Professor Begoña Dominguez makes three proposals to finance this debt and support our economic recovery.

Produced 13 November 2020.


Episode 8: The Importance of social norms

Dr Vera te Velde discusses the importance of social norms within society, and how they influence individual behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Produced 7 October 2020.


Episode 7: Initial macroeconomic data under COVID-19

Dr Eric Eisenstat discusses his insights on initial macroeconomic data on the COVID-19 pandemic. Often the discussion has been framed around saving lives versus the economy. Initial data indicates that better management of COVID-19 cases is associated with less drastic economic downturns.

Produced 18 September 2020.


Episode 6: The future of the office

Professor Alicia Rambaldi discusses the post-pandemic office space and economic implications for commercial property owners, investors and public transport.

Produced 7 August 2020.


Episode 5: The challenges of forecasting in the COVID-19 pandemic

Professor Rodney Strachan discusses the challenges of forecasting during a time of unprecedented economic shock and high levels of uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Produced 3 July 2020.

Episode 4: The economics of ageing and longevity

Professor Brenda Gannon (Director of Research in the School of Economics and Affiliate Professor in the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health) explores how older people have been affected by COVID-19, the allocation of health resources and how these learnings can ensure a better Australia.

Produced 30 April 2020.

Episode 3: Panic buying and selling in the age of COVID-19 

Professor Daniel Zizzo, Academic Dean and Head of School of Economics, examines the role social risk-taking and belief conservatism have played during the pandemic. 

Recorded 23 April 2020.

Episode 2: The fiscal impact of COVID-19

How much is $320 billion really? Professor Flavio Menezes asks whether this kind of expenditure really is unprecedented by comparing this spend to the budget during the Global Financial Crisis, and the annual cost of federal assistance programs. 

Produced 14 April 2020.

Episode 1: The impact of physical distancing on jobs and the economy

Professor John Quiggin, prominent research economist and commentator on Australian economic policy, addresses the impact of COVID-19 on employment and the government response to this challenge.

Recorded 6 April 2020.