I was not able to sit an exam as I was really sick, what can I do?

If you are sick on the day of an exam, you can apply for a Deferred Examination for the course that you missed the exam for. You can apply via mySI-net and further information including the reasons why a deferred exam may be approved and how to submit an application are available here. Information on how an application for a school based Deferred Examination is assessed can be found at https://economics.uq.edu.au/policy-absences-mid-semester-examinations

Grades have been released and it says I have failed a course, what can I do?

If you have failed a course that is compulsory for your program you will need to study this course again. If the course is a pre-requisite course (e.g. ECON7010/7110, ECON7020/7021 (in #24 programs), or ECON7000 or ECON7001 (in #32 programs) or perhaps FINM7401), where possible you should repeat the course in the following semester so you then have adequate knowledge to complete subsequent compulsory and elective courses. If the course you failed is an elective, you do not necessarily have to study that course again but you will have to study another course in its place. All courses must be passed at a grade of 4 or higher. It is recommended that you contact the Administrative Officer for your program to discuss a revised course study plan to complete your program.

You can request to discuss your grade with the Course coordinator. You should contact him/her and request an appointment and discuss how your final grade was determined.

The only exception to the rule is if the failed course is the last course that you require for degree completion. If you fail a single course (achieving a grade of 3) in your final semester of study you can apply to sit a Supplementary Assessment. That is you may be permitted to submit 1 assessment piece which then determines you final grade. Your previous performance throughout the semester is disregarded and your final grade is dependent on the result achieved in the Supplementary Assessment. For the School of Economics the assessment is determined by a 100% examination. If you pass the Supplementary Assessment, the grade indicated will be indicated as 3S4. An application for Supplementary Assessment must be made within 5 days of the official release of results for the applicable semester. A request for Supplementary Assessment should be made on mySI-net via your “myRequests” tab and selecting Supplementary Assessment.

I have seen that I have failed a course but I think that I should have passed, is there anything that I can do?

If you believe that you had performed better in an assessment item than indicated on your mark, you can request an assessment remark. More information about the remark policy is available here. If possible you should first contact the course coordinator and discuss your reasons for believing that you should have received a higher mark than you did. The reason for seeking a remark must have academic content and the application should be made based upon reference to the marking criteria for the course.

If I need to sit a Supplementary Assessment or a Deferred exam, will I still be able to graduate?

Information on this is available on the Graduations website

How do I obtain a Degree Completion Letter?

While you may not be able to attend the current graduation ceremony, once the results for your Deferred and/or Supplementary Examinations and/or Incomplete result are officially finalized on mySI-net, you will be able to request a letter that states you have met the requirements of your degree and will have your degree conferred at the next graduation ceremony. A Degree Completion Letter can be requested in person from the Student Centre or by email to UQ Answers. It is advisable to email the School of Economics (email econ.pgrad@uq.edu.au) prior to attending the Student Centre so that the necessary processing can be completed by a Postgraduate Administrative Officer. Students requiring a letter to be mailed to them should ensure that their mailing address on mySI-net is correct if they are submitting a request via UQ Answers.

Often students request a letter such as this for prospective employers where their employment may be dependent upon them completing their Masters’ degree.

How will I know if I am eligible to graduate?

Set your Expected graduation Semester to the correct semester on mySI-net. Each semester the Postgraduate Administrative Officers will complete graduation checks for our postgraduate economics students. An additional Graduation tab will become visible for graduating students. Once your record has been processed/updated you should receive an automated email advising you to log onto mySI-net to complete your “Conditional Graduation Application”. An alert is also visible on mySI-net for when you next log in.