I am a domestic student wishing to study a Postgraduate Coursework Masters program. How do I apply for entry into the program?

  • Go to https://study.uq.edu.au/study-options
  • Search for the program of study you wish to undertake and follow the links to 'How to Apply'
  • Fill out the form and upload documents where required.
  • Non-UQ students will need to upload a scanned copy of their official academic transcript (not AHEGS document) which includes ALL courses studies whether passed or failed, grade key, and evidence of award conferral where this is not indicated on their official transcript. As entry to the #24 (1.5 year full-time programs) from 2015 is dependent on discipline or discipline area courses completed, a full academic transcript for assessment is required.
  • Applicants who are born overseas will need to include a scanned copy of documentation supporting their Australian Citizenship or Australian Permanent Residency status.
  • Applicants who are conditional upon degree completion and achieving the required GPA will be provided with a document upload link to upload final transcript/award documentation. Where possible this will be verified through Qualsearch and an unconditional offer then finalized if entry requirements are met.
  • Applicants who need to supply original certified documentation by mail will be advised when a conditional offer is made.
  • Australian applicants may still need to satisfy English proficiency requirements. Further details are available under the English Language Proficiency Admission Policy.
  • Submit application

I work fulltime but would like to undertake a Masters degree through the School of Economics, will I be able to complete this at night and/or on weekends?

A few postgraduate courses may be offered outside of regular office hours, however, we cannot guarantee that you would be able to complete your entire degree in this manner. There are also some courses that are available in intensive mode during the summer semester for which the timetable may suit part-time students.

I prefer to study externally as it is quite difficult for me to get to the University. Can I do this?

All ECON coded postgraduate courses are taught internally. The School of Economics does not offer Postgraduate Coursework courses via the internet or in an external mode. Your attendance is required at classes. Lectures may be held in a venue which will enable lecture recording. However if lectures are able to be recorded, this is an additional resource provided and is not a substitute for attendance at lectures.

What happens with my application?

Your application will be processed and assessed by the School of Economics Postgraduate Administrative Officers.

If you are required to submit further documentation or further information is required to ascertain your suitability for admission, you will be contacted via email outlining the information or documentation that is required.

If I apply for a Masters program and my GPA is not high enough, is there another option?

If you do not meet the GPA requirement for the program that you have applied for, you may be made an Articulation offer to commence in alternative program to give you an opportunity to meet the required GPA. You would need to attain the required GPA for the alternate program to be permitted to articulate/program change into the subsequent Masters Program. Rather than applying for a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma program, ideally applicants should apply for the Master program that they intend to complete so that an appropriate Articulation offer can be made.

If you are planning on articulating into a Masters program, you should consult the administrative officer for the program you intend on transferring into so that you can plan your studies to maximise the amount of credit you can take into your new program. You will be able to plan your studies to ensure that, where the program rules allow, all courses can be credited to your new program of study. It is imperative that you also satisfy the requirements of the degree you are enrolled in to ensure you could graduate with the Certificate or Diploma should you not satisfy the GPA requirement.

From 2015 the alternative entry point for the #32 Masters programs is the Graduate Certificate in Economic Studies or the Graduate Diploma in Economics. For the #24 Master programs you may be eligible to enter via the Graduate Certificate in Economics.

I am an International student wanting to study at The University of Queensland, how do I apply?

All International applications are submitted via the International Office. The first step is to visit Study at UQ as an international student where information is available for International student on a variety of subjects including submitting your application. On this page there are links about making the application, visas, due dates, English Requirements etc. There are links to make enquiries online to expedite the process. 

What is the difference between the 2 year and 18 month Masters?

From 2015: The difference between these two options is the entry requirement and the compulsory courses you need to complete.

The 2 year Masters programs are designed for those applicants who have not completed courses in Introductory Microeconomics, Introductory Macroeconomics, Mathematics and Statistics as part of their undergraduate degree. Therefore these courses are the first four you will enrol in for your 2 year Masters.

The 18 month Masters programs are designed for those applicants who have already completed Introductory Microeconomics, Introductory Macroeconomics, Mathematics and Statistics as part of their undergraduate degree. The 18 month program does not include introductory courses and starts at intermediate level microeconomics, macroeconomics and Introductory Econometrics.