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Economic Theory Seminar Series

Economic Theory Seminar Series: Benjamin Young

21 August 2018 11:00am12:00pm
Benjamin Young | UTS

Economics Schools Day 2018

19 July 2018 10:00am2:00pm
Economics Schools Day 2018

Managerial Performance Analysis Using R

10 July 2018 8:30am12 July 2018 5:00pm
This three-day intensive course presents a new and coherent framework for analysing the performance of firm managers.  The focus is on measures of performance that are of practical relevance to policy makers. Most, if not all, of these measures can be viewed as measures of productivity and/or efficiency.
Economic Theory Seminar Series

Economic Theory Seminar Series: Only time will tell: A theory of deferred compensation

18 April 2018 11:00am12:00pm
Marcus Opp | University of California, Berkeley

Postgrad Student Check-In

16 March 2018 12:00pm2:00pm
Postgrad Student Check-In
Macroeconomics Seminar Series

Macroeconomics Seminar Series: Sarah Zubairy

16 March 2018 11:00am12:00pm
Sarah Zubairy | Texas A&M University