Project title A review of poverty and income inequality in China
Project duration 4 weeks
Description The project is to undertake a review of current studies on the measurement of poverty and income inequality in general with a focus on China. China is the fastest growing economy in the world but there are concerns on the income disparity within China. The project will require you to collect some data and do some analysis.
Expected outcomes and deliverables Students can learn how to critically review literature related to this subject with a particular focus on policies related to improving poverty and income inequality. There will be a write up of a report in relation to this. 
Suitable for

This project to open to undergraduate students in their third year or postgraduate students in their final year. Knowledge of introductory economics is essential and knowledge of development economics is a major plus.

Students will be closely guided by supervisor.

Primary supervisor Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan
Further information Do not contact the supervisor for more information. If you are interested, please apply.