Project title The effect of university entry scholarships on academic performance and labour market outcomes
Project duration 4 weeks

This project examines the benefits of university entry scholarships and bursaries and identifies the effects of a relatively small financial award on university students’ graduation performance, completion time and labour market outcomes. This project exploits an institutional setting in which each year the top 1% of the university entering students gets an automatic merit award. This project uses a regression discontinuity design and compares those students who got awarded the entry scholarship to those who just missed the performance threshold.

Expected outcomes and deliverables

Students will work with datasets, run regressions in STATA, present their results in an academically neat way, summarise findings and produce a coherent and complete document.

Suitable for

Suitable for students who have studied applied microeconometrics, including labour economics. Knowledge of STATA is essential and knowledge of Latex is preferred but not essential. 

Ideal for students who may consider labour economics and applied microeconomics for their research project.

Primary supervisor Dr Rigissa Megalokonomou
Further information Do not contact the supervisor for more information. If you are interested, please apply.