Basis and Purpose of Award

The Tomas Riha Scholarship in Economics was established in 2014 and is maintained by an annual donation by Dr Andrea Riha.

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and support students enrolled in the Bachelor of Economics (or a program that includes the Bachelor of Economics) at The University of Queensland.


The value of the scholarship is $3000. Senate may award up to 1 scholarship per year, on the recommendation of the Head of School.   


 An applicant is eligible for the scholarship if the applicant –

  • is enrolled full-time in the approved program
  • has completed at least 16 units in a relevant program
  • is a domestic student within the meaning of the Fee Rules
  • has submitted an application form by the closing date
  • can demonstrate financial need 


Selection Process

(1) For the selection process, the Head must establish a selection committee, comprising -

  • the Head of the School of Economics, or nominee, as chair of the committee
  • the Deputy Head of the School of Economics
  • Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee of the School of Economics

(2)  In making its recommendation the selection committee will take into account -

  •  academic achievement
  •  demonstrated financial need
  •  any other evidence which may be deemed relevant.

The School may decide to interview shortlisted applicants.


Conditions for Scholarship

(1) The recipient may hold the scholarship for up to 1 year in the approved program in which they were enrolled at the time of award,  subject to the recipient:

  •  remaining enrolled as a full-time student  in the approved program; and
  •  achieving a GPA of at least 5.5 in the first semester that the scholarship is held.            

(2) If the recipient fails to satisfy rule 6(1) the recipient must show cause to the Head why the scholarship should not be cancelled. 


Application Procedure

Applications must be submitted by the closing date.

Students must submit the following documentation:

  •  The application form, completed and signed
  •  A cover letter addressed to the Head, School of Economics, explaining the impact that this scholarship will have on their lives at UQ
  •  Their financial aid application and/or supporting documentation to demonstrate financial need
  •  Their academic transcripts/results (unofficial copies are suitable)
  • (optional) A statement in their cover letter on their desire to mentor and give back to their community after graduation


Applications close 16 April 2018, 5pm

For further enquiries, email