You may be contemplating a career in academia after graduation. Most academic jobs involve teaching and in many countries, it is common for PhD students to gain experience in teaching/coordinating courses for a year or two to improve their resume. In fact, these kind of credentials are important not only for those who aspire to be an academic, but also for those preparing for careers in government and business. This is because good teaching requires, amongst other skills, excellent communication skills.

The School of Economics tries to provide opportunities to those PhD students who would like to build up their teaching credentials before going to the job market.

For those PhD students who want to make use of these opportunities, this is how it works (in sequence):

  1. They need to successfully get a tutoring position in the School;
  2. Those who perform well as a tutor for one to two semesters can apply to deliver a few guest lectures in courses that they are interested in (subject to the approval of the course coordinators);
  3. Those who perform well as a guest lecturer after one or two semesters can apply to teach a course that they are interested in (subject to the availability of the courses and share teaching is possible).

If you have already completed step (1) and are ready to proceed to step (2) in 2016, please submit the following information to the Director of Operations: (a) your CV, (b) your tutor evaluation results for the most recent two semesters and (c) a list of courses that you would like to give guest lectures in.

Please note that we cannot guarantee you a position as there are a number of constraints to be met and hurdles to overcome. Also, in order to make sure that your thesis progress will not be adversely affected by having teaching duties, we will consult your advisors, and the HDR Coordinator and Milestone Coordinator when making the decision.