Project title Should students showcase their engagement with student societies in their CVs?
Duration  10 weeks

Those students who take managerial roles in student societies tend to showcase this in their CVs to signal to prospective employers their managerial and leadership qualities. However, it is unclear which societies send positive or negative signals to different employers. The purpose of the project is to explore how conveying this information affects the hiring process. The project involves designing a field experiment to test different hypotheses.

Expected outcomes & deliverables

The research student will have an opportunity to design an economics field experiment and formulate research hypotheses. Together, this will form a complete research proposal for the project, which will be translated into an ethical approval application.

Student qualities

This project is particularly suited to students with a strong interest in microeconomics and/or designing experiments. Experience with the ethical approval processes at UQ is preferred.

Primary supervisor

Dr. Alex Karakostas and Dr. David Smerdon

Further information Students are encouraged to contact the supervisors via email if they have any questions: &