Project title Real-Time Macroeconomic Analysis for the Queensland Economy
Duration  6 weeks

This project entails collecting, analysing, and reporting macroeconomic data for the Queensland economy. These facts will be published in the UQ macroeconomic research group (MRG@UQ) website. The project also aims to generate reports and articles on current local macroeconomics trends/topics. Dissemination of results and analyses in social media (twitter, for example) is also required. 

Expected outcomes & deliverables
  • Scholars will gain skills in data collection and analysis.
  • Students will also gain skills in web-site design, and social media communication of economic analysis and results.
  • Students are asked to produce a report at the end of the project
  • Scholars must provide a full set of codes that replicate their work
Student qualities

This project is open to applications from students with a background in economics, 2nd to 4th year students, UQ enrolled students only.

Students must have knowledge in statistical software such as Stata and/or R.

Experience with basic skills in website design is important.

Primary supervisor

Dr Satoshi Tanaka

Further information

Interested applicants can contact Dr Satoshi Tanka at: