Project title Queensland Family Cohort Study – Analyses of health, health care utilisation and socio-economic inequalities
Duration  10 weeks

This project will provide descriptive data analyses of health and health care utilisation among Queensland Families, using the pilot data from the Queensland Family Cohort Study. In collaboration with the Study team from Mater Research Institute-UQ and QUT, the project will help to identify immediate and future health requirements of the Queensland population.  The project will have a significant impact on health policy and practice and define preventative interventions required for the health of future generations of Australians.

Expected outcomes & deliverables Scholars will be expected to analyse the data. They will be placed at the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health under the guidance of Professor Brenda Gannon and a post-doctorate researcher in health economics/econometrics. They should be familiar with Stata, and have the ability to quickly upskill in this area, again with the guidance of mentors. The scholar will be expected to produce a report on their work and a short presentation. They may also be expected to attend meetings at the MRI-UQ.
Student qualities

Suitable for students in Economics, with data analysis skills, using Stata preferably, ability to write .do files and ability to work in teams.

Primary supervisor

Professor Brenda Gannon SoE UQ

Professor Vicki Clifton Mater MRI-UQ

Professor Steve McPhail QUT

Post Doctorate Researcher CBEH UQ

Further information

Please send in complete application in order to be considered.