Project title Pricing Durables on a Platform: Evidence from Video Game Sales
Duration  10 weeks

This project will study the determinants of how prices are set for consumer durables through a platform. Computer game sales through online platforms provide an ideal case to study, because there are few platforms and online databases exist of game prices and characteristics.

During the 10 weeks of this project, we will focus on 1) scraping or otherwise obtaining game and pricing data, 2) summarizing and doing basic analysis on these data, and 3) relating the findings to the past empirical and theoretical literature on pricing of durable goods.

Expected outcomes & deliverables The applicant will gain skills in data collection, data analysis, and literature review. They will be required to produce a weekly report on progress.
Student qualities

The position is open to students with a background in economics and experience with coding. Special consideration will be given to applicants who have experience scraping data from websites.

Primary supervisor

Dr Zachary Breig

Further information For further information contact Zachary Breig at