Author Supervisor Topic Year
  Rao A generalised method of moments approach to global income inequality 2010
  Robinson Developing a bio-economic model to assess the efficacy of Marine Protected Areas: Moreton Bay Marine Park 2010
  Wagner/Foster Impacts of subprime carbon on a 2020 Australian marginal abatement cost curve 2010
  Carmignani/Laurenceson The effects of fiscal policy: an overview on literature and empirical contribution on China. 2010
  Tourky The existence of equilibrium in discontinuous games in Cournot and Bertrand's models 2010
So Shan Ceara Hui Laurenceson The impact of money on asset prices in China 2010
Felicity Hutchings Quiggin/Menezes Optimal Fiscal Structure for Oil Producers 2010
  Laurenceson Cross-country analysis of the determinants of output shock persistance 2010
  Wagner Modelling the Potential Economic Benefits of Distributed Generation on Electricity Transmission Networks 2010
Trent MacDonald Potts Input price dynamics and niche proliferation in the creative industries 2010
Corinne Ness Carmignani The Effects of Volatility, Natural Resources and Institutions on Economic Growth 2010
  Quiggin An evaluation of the relative merits of different systems of water property rights in the Murray-Darling Basin using state-contingent modelling 2010
  Wagner Distributed generation and spot price spikes in the national electricity market 2010
Jiexin Xie Leeves Immigrant wages in the Australian labour market: The role of different sources of human capital 2010
Lucy Chih-Wen Yeh Takayama/McLennan A study into Optimal Legal Voting Rules under a Mixed Tribunal 2010
Hiresh Devaser Rao/Rambaldi Constructing consistent panels of real incomes per capita at constant prices 2009
  Tang Developing Index Numbers for International Financial Centres and Regional International Financial Centres: A Weighted Network Analysis Approach 2009
Aubrey Clark Tourky Cooperative Foundations of Perfect Competition 2009
Emily Dabbs Carbajal-Ponce Public Good Allocation in the Face of Weak Institutions 2009
Jay Wijeratne Takayama Market Microstructure Theory: Excess Returns in Currency Markets and the Efficient Market Hypothesis 2009
James Green Quiggin The Equity Premium Puzzle and its Implications for Public Infrastructure Financing 2009
David Warner Rao The Distribution of Income in a Globalised World: Has Inequality Increased? 2009
Florian Weltewitz Bracoud A Model of Credit Risk in Interbank Markets with Interest Rate Spreads 2009
Sara Maniatis Brown/Rao Adaptive Preference Formation: A Case Study of Armenia and Azerbaijan Examining the Effects of Income, Gender and Isolation 2009
Mindee Lee Bracoud/Strachan Commercial Banks' Capital Ratio and Loan Growth: Effects of Basel I and Basel II Regulation in the U.S 2009
Reuben Low Tang A Dynamic Analysis of International Student Flows at the Tertiary Level 2009
Danielle Rodgers Laurenceson/Strachan An Analysis of China's Output Growth Volatility 2009
  Menezes The Economics of Aged Care in Australia: Institutions vs Incentives 2009
Joel Etchells O'Donnell An Analysis of Quality and Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables 2009
Carlos Gan Strachan Monetary Policy, Exchange Rates and Trade Flows: A Study Using a Bayesian Time Varying Parameters Structural VAR (TVP-SVAR) Model 2009
Linh T. Huynh Rambaldi/Strachan The Role of China in the Transmission of Shocks from the US to Australia 2009
Jonathan Carroll Takayama Designing Deposit Insurance: Theory and Practice 2009
Bradley Gay Takayama/Chen The Proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme: An Examination of Potential Costs and Competitiveness 2009
David Rodgers Menezes/Chen Price Determination in the Iron Ore Market 2009
Rachel Lee Friesen Behaviouralising' Australian Personal Bankruptcy: Debt repayment with Time-Inconsistent Preferences 2009
Kellyana Heaton Bodman A Comprehensive Analysis of Fiscal Decentralisation in Australia 2008
Rebecca Demler Bodman An evaluation of Optimal Fiscal Policy under the Howard Government according to the Tax-Smoothing hypothesis 2008
Sheannal Obeyesekere Menezes/Quiggin Firm Interactions in the Presence of State Capture Opportunities 2008
Kathryn Millhouse Menezes Incentives and Bargaining within the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme 2008
Leo Vance Leeves Sole Mothers' Labour Supply in Australia: An Analysis using the Hilda Data 2008
Alexander Beames Morgan Comparative Western Legal Systems and Economic Growth 2008
Shijie Wong Tang A Panel Analysis of the Joint Effects of Demographic and Political Structures on Public Savings and Expenditures 2008
Joseph Mullins Wagner/Foster Strategic Bidding and Spot Price in the National Electricity Market 2008
Corrine Dobson Laurenceson An Empirical Investigation of the 'China Boom Hypothesis' 2008
Mei Li Tang The Olympic Game of Academics: A Macroeconomic Analysis of University Ranking Tally and Country Competitiveness in International Education Market 2008
  Strachan A Comparison of the Evolution of the Phillips Curve and NAIRU for Resource and Non-Resource States in Australia 2008
  Tourky/McLennan On Common Knowledge and Nash Equilibria 2008
Melwin Seitz Bodman The Decline of Output Volatility in Australia: has lower Volatility been transmitted from abroad? 2008
Tom Gole Menezes Competition and Regulation in the Taxi Industry 2007
Jordan McCallum Suardi Explaining Co-movements in Bond and Stock Returns: the role of Macroeconomic Fundamentals 2007
Samantha Myers Earl/Strachan An evolutionary model of industry dynamics with a focus on new firm entry 2007
  Bodman The Economics of Elections    2007
  Bodman Australian BEERs and Productivity   2007
  Quiggin/Rambaldi Oil Prices and the Australian Macroeconomy- Historical Correlation or Causation?   2007
  Rambaldi/Strachan Spatial-Temporal Modeling of the Real Estate Market  2007
Douglas Fletcher Zhang/Yanes Incorporating Efficiency Wages into an Endogenous Growth Model with Creative Destruction 2007
Eric Wen Zhang Evaluating the life cycle models on Human Capital in relation to  Inequality, Mobility, Economic Growth and Fertility with an application to Australia    2007
  O'Donnell Computing measures of reliability for Productivity Index Numbers  2007
  O'Donnell Bayesian Estimation of Volatility: An application to international coffee prices  2007
  O'Donnell A comparison of Bayesian and sampling theory inferences in a multivariate probit model for alchohol, tobacco and marijuana participations 2007
  Mangan A House Divided: Convergence in Queensland Regions  2007
  Bodman/Mcdonald Beard Voluntary provision of binary public goods: Group size uncertainy and optimal sample size in Poisson games 2006
Samuel Churchill Tang/Laurenceson Capital flight: measurement, determinants and policy implications 2006
Harry Cominos Rambaldi/Rao Estimation of House prices and the construction of house price index numbers: A new methodology applied to the Brisbane Metropolitan area 2006
Emma Doherty Bodman Aid and corruption: should we be directing aid to countries with less corruption? 2006
Kathryn Hardy Suardi Effects of central bank intervention on the Japanese yen-US dollar foreign exchange market: Evidence from a double threshold-GARCH model 2006
Andrew Hodge Duhs/Rao Corruption, growth and development 2006
Aaron Keddie Robinson/O'Donnell Investment under uncertainty in the mining industry: The State-Contingent Approach 2006
  Doran Assessment the cost effectiveness of alcohol taxation and increasing the minimum legal drnking age from 18 to 21 years specifically for the 16-20 Australian femal population 2006
  Quiggin The use of options in a model of public private partnerships: incorporating lfexibility into the contract design process 2006
Cao Son Tran Potts An evolutionary model of economic growth 2006
Jackie Tze Chih Tang/Rao Avoidable mortality risks: measurement of average wellbeing and inequality 2005
  Quiggin The Economics of Homeless: Assessing rental market price effects 2005
David Dolan Rambaldi/Rao A dynamic metafrontier estimation of productivity and technology gaps 2005
Hettie Farrell Beard An analysis of insolvency law from the perspective of economic theory 2005
Kathryn Ford Bodman Fiscal decentralisation: is it relevant for economic growth 2005
Phillipa Hall Beard A community based dynamic bio-economic model of the impact of sugar cane production on eutrophication of the Great Barrier Reef lagoon 2005
Andrew E. Hodge Yanes Economic growth and dynamic oligopoly: a differential game approach 2005
Audrey Siew Kim Lim Tang/Rao Human capital: a new measurement approach with applications to a study in inequality 2005
Rodrigo Javier Martell Coelli Spot and forward markets for electricity in Queensland: an econometric analysis 2005
Peter McMahon Suardi Testing for the Australian term structure of interest rates in the presence of structural breaks 2005
  Laurenceson/Tang Cross-broader mergers in the stock exchange industry 2005
Nicholas Rohde Rao Measuring income inequality - a density function based approach 2005
Eric Wen Yanes A study on the industrial development and performance of Taiwanese high-technology integrated circuit firms 2005
Alexander White Quiggin The economics of Malaria: Assessing the burden 2005
Shuwei Jasmine Zheng Bodman Exchange rate volatility and trade/productivity in Australia 2005
Sam Betros Alauddin The Effects of Globalisation on Developing Economies 2004
  Beard Emergent Conventions and Equilibrium Selection: Learning Dynamics in Repeated Stag Hunt Games 2004
Claire Hui Lin Chiam Laurenceson How Effective are China's Capital Controls? 2004
Luke Elford West Labour Mobility and Regional Labour Market Dynamics in Australia 2004
Adrian Ellis Riethmuller Antidumping Policy in Australia 2004
Nicole Sue Yi Goh Brown Microfinance: An Impact Assessment (A Case Study of Zambuko Trust in Zimbabwe) 2004
  Rao Econometric Estimation of National and Regional Income Distributions Using the Generalised Lognormal Distribution and Limited Group Data 2004
  Doran Hall A cost Effectiveness Analysis of Genetically Screening Heart Patients Before Prescribing Statins: An Analysis of the CETP gene Taq1B Polymorphism 2004
Voon Foong Lai Leeves Stock Market Volatility and Efficiency in Malaysia: Sectoral Level Analysis 2004
Kate Morrison Earl/Beard A Model of Asset Price Dynamics under Networked Expectations 2004
Mei Li Evelyn Ng Yanes/Tang The Hierarchical Structure of Firm: A Geometric Approach 2004
Sarah Louise Parker Alauddin The Economic Impact of 9/11 - A View from 2004 2004
  Beard A Model of River Flood Insurance Using Stochastic Co-operative GameTheory 2004
Vanessa Rayner O'Donnell A Bayesian Analysis of Arch and Garch Models 2004
Ross Schafer Stanford Superannuation, Savings and Retirement Income 2004
  West The Economic Impact on Isis Shire of the Isis Central Sugar Mill 2004
Philippa Sutton Leeves Labour Market Flow Analysis of Australia & New Zealand: A Case Study in Economic Reform 2004
  Tang/Rao International Finance Centre: A Panel Estimation of the Determinants of Financial Activity Concentration 2004
Sarah Usher Brown The Brain Drain of South Pacific Island Nations: An Econometric Investigation into the Factors which Influence Migration Decisions of Skilled Health Professionals 2004
  Brown The Relationship Between Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Trade in China: Evidence from a Provincial Level 2004
  Laurenceson Willingness to Accept Using Choice Modelling: An Application to Riparian Revegetation in the Lockyer Catchment 2004