PhD Awarded 2020

Ailin Leng
Economic experiments in continuous time
Supervised by Associate Professor Lana Friesen, Dr Kenan Kalayci

Jiafei Hu
Uncertain lifetime, bequest, annuity and capital accumulation under different motives of bequests
Supervised by Associate Professor Begona DominguezDr Yuichiro WakiAssociate Professor Heiko Gerlach

Nhan Phan
Application of game theory to global free trade
Supervised by Dr Shino Takayama, Dr Christoph Mueller, Professor Andrew McLennan

Pablo Neudorfer
Three essays on energy shift: From fossil fuels towards renewables
Supervised by Professor John QuigginDr Eric EisenstatProfessor Tom Smith

PhD Awarded 2019

Dongjie Wu
Measuring inequality of opportunity in China
Supervised by Professor Prasada RaoAssociate Professor KK TangProfessor Pravin Trivedi

Duc Manh Pham
Advanced mathematical methods for performance analysis
Supervised by Dr Valentin Zelenyuk, Professor Léopold Simar

Sha Fan
Chinese outward FDI in Africa: motivations, institutions and political effect
Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan

PhD Awarded 2018

2018 Graduates

Sumali Dissanayake
Impact of agricultural trade liberalisation of food security in South Asia
Supervised by Associate Professor John Asafu-Adjaye, Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan

Ailin Leng
Economic experiments in continuous time
Supervised by Associate Professor Lana Friesen, Dr Kenan Kalayci

Kelly Trinh
Model specification, Estimation and Interference in Studying Economic Output
Advisors: Rodney Strachan, Valentin Zelenyuk

Jiayu Wang
Impact of collective forest tenure reform on selected public forest goods and services in China: a case study
Supervised by Professor John Quiggin, Professor Rodney Strachan, Professor Glyn Wittwer

PhD Awarded 2017

Geoffrey Jones, PhD
General belief theory: towards a general systems theory of socio-economic behaviour
Advisors: Tom Mandeville, Bryan Morgan

Thanh Hong Nguyen, PhD
The emerging trend of free trade areas in international trade, implications for developing countries and some policy options for Vietnam's case
Advisors: Christopher O'Donnell, Prasada Rao

Lasitha Pathberiya, PhD
Public debt ans sustainable growth in developing countries
Advisors: Begona Dominguez, Alicia Rambaldi, Thanh Le

Jorge Pereira, PhD
Dynamic analysis of process R&D under uncertainty: Environmental R&D joint ventures, Emissions Tax and R&D subsidies
Advisors: Flavio Menezes, Lana Friesen, Heiko Gerlach

Linh Huynh Tu, PhD
Modelling price levels for Private Consumption (C), Government (G) and Gross Fixed Capital Formation (I) components of GDP
Advisors: Alicia Rambaldi, Prasada Rao

Brendan Markey-Towler, PhD
Theory of Economic Systems
Advisors: John Foster, Peter Earl

Cheng Yeo, PhD
Microeconomic models of asset pricing
Advisors: Andrew McLennan, John Quiggin, Shino Takayama

PhD Awarded 2016

Xuemei Zheng, PhD
Development of a carbon pricing regime for China
Advisors: Flavio Menezes, Heiko Gerlach

Cameron Murray, PhD
When reciprocity becomes back-scratching: An economic inquiry
Advisors: Paul Fritjers, Marco Faravelli

John Humphreys, PhD
Using personal equity micro-finance to fund education
Advisors: Jason Potts, Bruce Littleboy, Simon Grant

Thu Hien Pham, PhD
Impacts of free Trade Agreements (FTAs) on Vietnamese Economy (From AFTA to AANZFTA)
Advisors: Shino Takayama, Antonio Peyrache, Thanh Le, Yuichiro Waki

PhD Awarded 2015

Alexandra Bratanova, PhD
Development of tools for economic analysis for public sector programs in Russia: a case study of the energy efficiency program in Moscow
Advisors: Jacqueline Robinson, Liam Wagner

Yohannis Mulu Tessema, PhD
Options for Managing Current Climate Variability and Market Risks for Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia
Advisors: John Asafu-Adjaye, Daniel Rodriguez, Thilak Mallawaarachchi

PhD Awarded 2014

Farhana Chowdhury, PhD
Economic and legal implications of infrastructure investment: A general equilibrium approach
Advisors: John Mangan, Juan Carlos Carbajal Ponce, Brian Parmenter

Soo-Keong Yong, PhD
Environmental economic policy and incentives for green innovation
Advisors: Stuart McDonald, Lana Friesen

Shabbir Ahmad, PhD
Econometric Estimation of the Components of Total Factor Productivity Change
Advisors: Christopher O'Donnell, Knox Lovell

Debayan Pakrashi, PhD
Rural urban migration in China and Indonesia
Advisors: Paul Frijters, Andrew McLennan

Craig Malam, PhD
Competition policy for ad-sponsored media
Advisors: Flavio Menezes, Jeffrey Kline

Sharon Chang, PhD
The economic value and impact of cultural events: a case study of the Singapore arts festival
Advisors: Renuka Mahadevan, John Asafu-Adjaye, Leonard Coote

Roger Carrington, PhD
The application of incentive regulation to Australian government funded services
Advisors: Dodla Rao, John O'Donnell

Hemanath Swarna Nantha, PhD
The Economics of conserving the orangutan: opportunity cost as a contraint and strategies for minimizing this
Advisors: Clement Tisdell, Paul Riethmuller, Jacqueline Robinson

Thanh Nguyen, PhD
Estimating the benefits of an improved tropical cyclone warning service in Vietnam: An application of a choice experiment
Advisors: Jacqueline Robinson, Milani Chaloupka

Jacopo Canello, PhD
Evolutionary change and resilience in Marshallian industrial districts - an empirical investigation using Italian micro-data
Advisors: John Foster, Jason Potts, Prasada Rao

Thang Bach, PhD
Essays on trade, technology diffusion and growth
Advisors: Thanh Quang Le, Renuka Mahadevan, Juyoung Cheong

PhD Awarded 2013

Christopher Fleming, PhD
Rationing access to protected natural areas: An economic analysis based on a study of visitors to a world heritage site in Australia
Advisors: Clement Tisdell, Averil Cook

Chandana Maitra, PhD
Urban Food Security: A Case Study of Kolkata
Advisors: Renuka Mahadevan, Dodla Rao

Redzo Mujcic, PhD
Essays on the Relativity of Utility
Advisors: Paul Frijters, Lana Friesen

Roberta Powell, PhD
An application of the theory of bounded rationality to risk in the stock market
Advisors: John Foster, Phil Bodman

Osborne Sanida, PhD
An empirical analysis of the combined supply and demand influences of export expansion on economic growth: The case of Papua New Guinea
Advisors: John Asafu-Adjaye, Renuka Mahadevan

PhD Awarded 2012

Merehau Mervin, PhD
The effects of life events on mental health (well-being) in Australia
Advisors: Sukhan Jackson, Paul Frijters

Thuto Feger, PhD
Tax Revenue Mobilization and Tax Effort Performance in Sub-Sahara Africa
Advisors: John Asafu-Adjaye, Fabrizio Carmignani

PhD Awarded 2011

Andrew Hodge, PhD
Happiness, Philosophy and Economics
Advisors: Alan Duhs, Prasada Rao

Hieu Phan Sy, PhD
A Spatial Equilibrium Analysis of Policies to Promote the Wood-Processing Industry in Northern Vietnam
Advisors: Steve Harrison, David Lamb

Suthin Wianwiwat, PhD
A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Biofuel Promotion Policy in Thailand
Advisors: John Asafu-Adjaye, Renuka Mahadevan

David Smorfitt, PhD
Economics of Feral Pig Control
Advisors: Steve Harrison, J Herbohn, Clem Tisdell

Hidayat Amir, PhD
Tax Policy, Growth, and Income Distribution in Indonesia: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
Advisors: John Asafu-Adjaye, Tien Duc Pham, Renuka Mahadevan

David Rowell, PhD
Moral Hazard: Empirical Evidence in the Australian Market for Automobile Insurance
Advisors: Luke Connelly, Hong Son Nghiem

Adeline Ofori-Bah, PhD
Crop Biodiversity: Economic Implications for the Cocoa Sector in Ghana
Advisors: John Asafu-Adjaye, Lana Friesen

PhD Awarded 2010

Viet Ngu Hoang, PhD
Measuring and Decomposing Economics, Environmental and Ecological Efficiency and Productivity Change in Agricultural Production
Advisors: Chris O'Donnell, Prasada Rao, Mohammad Alauddin, Tim Coelli

Fernando Tavares Camacho, PhD
Infrastructure Price Regulation and Investment
Advisors: Flavio Menezes, John Quiggin

Nicholas Rohde, PhD
Contributions to the Theory and Practice of Inequality Measurement
Advisors: Prasada Rao, KK Tang

Abhayaprada Kamalakanthan, PhD
An Economic Analysis of the Supply of General Practitioners in the Rural and Urban Areas of Australia
Advisors: Sukhan Jackson

Kim Nguyen, PhD
Essays on hospital efficiency measurement
Advisors: Prasada Rao, Tim Coelli, Grace Lordan

Mohammad Hajizadeh, PhD
Equity of Health Care: Empirical Studies in Iran and Australia
Advisors: Luke Connelly, James Butler

Sriram Shankar, PhD
Estimating State-Contingent Technologies
Advisors: Chris O'Donnell, John Quiggin

Barry Golding, PhD
Metals, Energy and Sustainability
Advisors: Harry Campbell, Tim Coelli, John Asafu-Adjaye

Kok Fong See, PhD
Market Reforms and The Performance of The Malaysian Electricity Industry
Advisors: Tim Coelli, Flavio Menezes

PhD Awarded 2009

Mary Hedges, PhD
Tertiary Education Choices in New Zealand: A Pluralistic Investigation
Advisors: Peter Earl, Tony Endres

Donald Burtt, MPhil
Electricity Deregulation, Vertical Integration and the Importance of Independent Electricity Retailers
Advisors: Flavio Menezes

Ti Ching Peng, PhD
A Pluralistic Analysis of Housing Renovation Choices in Brisbane
Advisors: Peter Earl, Len Coote, Jason Potts, Phil Bodman

Paul Bell, PhD
Adaptive Interactive Expectations: Dynamically Modelling Profit Expectations
Advisors: John Foster, Phil Wild, Rodney Strachan

Malebogo Bakwena, PhD
Do Better Institutions Alleviate the Resource Curse? Evidence from a Dynamic Panel Approach
Advisors: Phil Bodman, KK Tang, Thanh Le

PhD Awarded 2008

Colin Green, PhD
The relative effects of job search methods of the employed and unemployed in Australia
Advisors: Gareth Leeves, John Mangan, Phil Bodman

Kumar Sunil, PhD
Causes and consequences of intra-household inequality on poverty determination: The case of semi-urban Indo-Fijian households
Advisors: Renuka Mahadevan, John Asafu-Adjaye

Yoshitaka Hosoi, PhD
The impact of a large scale mine development on the national economy of Fiji: Issues raised by the proposed Namosi mine development
Advisors: Clem Tisdell

Kumudini Ganegodage, PhD
Structural transformation and economic growth
Advisors: Alicia Rambaldi, KK Tang, Prasada Rao

Gonemaituba Waisiki Naqarase, MPhil
Ginger as a growth industry in Fiji
Advisors: Renuka Mahadevan, Mike Smith

PhD Awarded 2007

Joseph Clark, PhD
Complexity, comprehension, and competition: essays on Superannuation
Advisors: Peter Earl, John Quiggin

Jerome Bredt, PhD
The process of job creation and destruction in the Australian economy
Advisors: John Mangan, Tom Mandeville

Kerrie Mitchener, PhD
Preference and utility in economic theory and the history of economic thought
Advisors: Ghanshyam Mehta, Bruce Littleboy

Hong Nghiem, PhD
The efficiency of microfinance and its contribution to poverty reduction: Vietnam case study
Advisors: Tim Coelli, Prasada Rao, James Laurenceson

Derek Headey, PhD
Agriculture, poverty and growth
Advisors: Prasada Rao, Alan Duhs, Mohammad Alauddin

Emma Comerford, PhD
The use of market approaches for natural resource management in regional Queensland
Advisors: Jacqueline Robinson, John Rolfe

Eliana Jimenez Soto, PhD
Migration, remittances and social protection in Fiji , Tonga and Samoa
Advisors: Richard Brown, Gareth Leeves

Mark Bowden, PhD
Can the interaction of heterogeneous agents explain price fluctuations in financial markets?
Advisors: John Foster, Stuart McDonald, Jason Potts

Leonora Risse, PhD
An economic analysis of the provision of maternity leave in Australia and its effects on fertility rates
Advisors: John Mangan, Jie Zhang, Phil Bodman

Pelotshweu Moepeng, PhD
Poverty and social deprivation in Botswana : institutional and policy failures
Advisors: Clem Tisdell, Prasada Rao, Leo Yanes, Rodney Beard

PhD Awarded 2006

Galina Ivanova, PhD
The economics of renewable energy policy with special reference to Australia
Advisors: George Docwra, Rodney Beard, John Asafu-Adjaye

Parvinder Kler, PhD
Title: Graduate overeducation in Australia
Advisors: Gareth Leeves, John Mangan

Lauchlan MacKinnon, PhD
The social construction of economic man: the genesis, spread, impact and institutionalisation of economic ideas
Advisors: Peter Earl, Julian Lamont, John Foster

Krishna Iyer, PhD
Empirical Studies in Trade, Foreign Investment and Economic Performance
Advisors: Alicia Rambaldi / KK Tang / Tim Coelli

Grant Woollett, PhD
Structural change in the Australian economy: the s-shaped curve applied to consumer demand
Advisors: John Foster, John Mangan

Adam Latif, PhD
The economic role of formal and informal inter-firm networks in the development of small and medium industrial enterprises: sudy of symbiosis in the Indonesian garment industry
Advisors: Clem Tisdell, Sukhan Jackson, Chris O'Donnell

Stuart McDonald, PhD
Time Horizon and Uncertainty in Continuous Time Finance: Preferences for Information and Term Structure Modelling
Advisors: Mehta / Rodney Beard

PhD Awarded 2005

Stephen Duthy, PhD
A socio-economic evaluation of the supervised cattle distribution program in the Philippines
Advisors: Steve Harrison, Alan Duhs, Derrin Davis

Gholamreza Hajargasht, PhD
Assessing the implications of labour migration for competitiveness - with evidence from Taiwan
Advisors: Chris O'Donnell, Tim Coelli, Prasada Rao

Averil Cook, PhD
Title: The economics of developing a long-distance walking track in North Queensland
Advisors: Ms Siew Yean Teo

Sorada Tapsuwan, PhD
Title: Valuing the willingness to pay for environmental conservation and management: A case study of scuba diving levies in Mu Ko Similan Marine National Park, Thailand
Advisors: John Asafu-Adjaye, Steve Harrison & Renuka Mahadevan

PhD Awarded 2004

Evelyne Degryse, MPhil
Measuring poverty: A case study of Bali
Advisors: Alan Duhs

Karen Hooper, PhD
Assessing the implications of labour migration for competitiveness - with evidence from Taiwan
Advisors: Richard Brown

Siew Yean Teo, PhD
An analysis of female labour supply and earnings in small Islamic country: Evidence from Brunei Darussalam
Advisors: Gareth Leeves & Phil Bodman

Christopher Nadarajah, MPhil
Production functions in Australian professional team sport: the Australian Football League
Advisors: George Docwra, Renuka Mahadevan

Maxwell Briggs, PhD
Facilitating a large scale collaborative venture (LSCV) project: An approach to economic growth based on a strategic marketing evaluation of the multifunction polis project (1987-1990)
Advisors: Tom Mandeville

Tyron Venn, PhD
Socio-economic evaluation of forestry development opportunities for Wik People on Cape York Peninsula
Advisors: Steve Harrison

Anna Straton, PhD
A complex systems approach to environmental value
Advisors: Richard Brown, John Foster, Jason Potts

PhD Awarded 2003

Zhicun Gao, PhD
Technology transfer in China's industrial development : a study concentrating on the electronics sector and the television industry.
Advisors: Clem Tisdell, Joseph Chai

Mohammad Hossain, PhD
Trade liberalisation and economic performance : analytics and empirics from Bangladesh
Advisors: Neil Karunaratne, Mohammad Alauddin

Boyd Blackwell, PhD
The economics of coastal foreshore and beach management : use, safe bathing facilities, erosion and conservation
Advisors: Clem Tisdell

Tabitha Kiriti, PhD
Gender inequality in agricultural households in Kenya : an economic analysis
Advisors: Clem Tisdell & K.C. Roy

Yapa Bandara, PhD
Trade liberalisation and the productivity impertative in manufacturing industries of Sri Lanka
Advisors: Neil Karunaratne, John Mangan & Renuka Mahadevan

Ranjith Bandara, PhD
Effective economic management and evaluation of human-elephant conflict: Sri Lankan empirical evidence and analysis
Advisors: Clem Tisdell & K.C. Roy

PhD Awarded 2002

Chandra Dulare, PhD
e Monetary policy in a semiopen economy with nominal exchange rate anchor : the case of Fiji
Advisors: Karktik Roy, Neil Karunaratne

Steven Morling, PhD
Inflationary processes in developing countries
Advisors: Karunaratne, Makin & Forsyth

Rex Davis, PhD
An economic analysis of the common cattle tick (Boophilus microplus) in Queensland
Advisors: Clem Tisdell, Steve Harrison

Jean-Claude Eono, PhD
Market and non-market benefits in government-assisted reforestation in the Queensland wet tropics
Advisors: Steve Harrison

Ryan McAllister, PhD
Dynamic analysis of deforestation in the Lao People's Democratic Republic
Advisors: John Asafu-Adjaye, Rodney Beard

John Robertson, PhD
An economic analysis of fishing site selection in the commercial Tropical Coral Reef Line Fishery in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
Advisors: Bruce Maptsone, Harry Campbell

Darrian Collins, PhD
Economics of outbound business travel : a comparative analysis using Australian data.
Advisors: Clem Tisdell, Neil Karunaratne

PhD Awarded 2001

Nirmal Saha, PhD
An economic analysis of pond polyculture in Bangladesh : efficiency, comparative returns, and related environmental and poverty issues
Advisors: Clem Tisdell, Mohammad Alauddin

Albert Mafusire, PhD
Foreign capital inflows and the export-led growth strategy in Zimbabwe
Advisors: Neil Karunaratne, Tom Mandeville

Paul Simshauser, PhD
Microeconomic reform of wholesale power markets: a dynamic partial equilibrium analysis of the impact of restructuring and deregulation in Queensland
Advisors: Steve Harrison

Nerina Vecchio, PhD
Socioeconomic differentials among older Australians : an investigation of Gold Coast residents, 1998-1999
Advisors: Sukhan Jackson, Ross Guest

PhD Awarded 2000

Maxwell Briggs, PhD
Facilitating a large scale collaborative venture (LSCV) project: An approach to economic growth based on a strategic marketing evaluation of the Multifunction Polis Project (1987 - 1990)
Advisors: Tom Mandeville

Muhammad Imansyah, PhD
Impact analysis for small regions in developing countries: A case study of an application of input-output analysis for small regions in Indonesia
Advisors: Jensen West