Project duration:

The length of project depends on the specific research question, but within a range of (6-8) weeks.



Title: The rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency: studying behaviours, successful use-cases, and predicting future trends


Blockchain inarguably became one of the buzzwords after powering the architecture of the first digitized currency called “bitcoin”. While everyone became obsessed with all the possible implications of this new technology, and its revolutionary impact on economics, technology, and society, it is important to consider the rationale for embracing it as there are many questions that need to be answered as this technology progresses.


Depending on students interests and their backgrounds, the following research question can be tackled:

  • What is the reasons of success or failure of blockchain start-ups?
  • What are the financial or technical barriers for this technology to be successful?
  • What are people’s attitudes, concerns, behaviours, or barriers for investing in Cryptocurrency?
  • What are the suitable business plan for a supply chain use case of blockchain?
  • What are the absorbent capacity of a logistics company for adopting a blockchain technology?
  • What history tells us about the future trends of blockchain and cryptocurrency?


Depending on which research question is aimed, the research method will be different. It may include designing a behavioural experiment, a web-based survey, or a survey among existing practices. The analysis of survey data also may vary from developing an econometric model, to a qualitative approach.

Expected outcomes and deliverables:

Scholars will gain skills in conducting a behavioural survey, and most likely will have an opportunity to generate journal /conference publications from their research. Successful researchers will have the opportunity to present their findings to the Port of Brisbane and a few other organisations which are currently considering use-cases of blockchain.


Suitable for:

This project is suitable for students in economics, business, Psychology, IT and transport engineering students. 

Primary Supervisor:


Dr Elnaz Irannezhad: Postdoctoral Research fellow

Further info:

Students are encouraged to contact the supervisor if they have any question regarding the project, to find out which research question they are willing to work, and what they can reap from this research.