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Discussion Paper Series - Submission guidelines

The Discussion Paper Series is open to members of the MRG group, affiliates and fellows. Papers relevant to macroeconomics research should be submitted to Satoshi Tanaka. Accepted papers will be made available for download in PDF format from the MRG site and RePEc.

  1. Submissions should demonstrate a strong potential for publication, but have not yet been accepted for publication elsewhere.
  2. Papers should be submitted as a plain, non-branded PDF document. MRG staff will add a branded cover letter to this submission.
    It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that the references and citations are complete and accurate.
  3. Include a cover page with the title of the paper, author name(s), affiliation(s), biographical note(s), and complete contact information.
  4. An abstract suitable for MRG’s publicity materials and reports should be included as well as relevant key words.
  5. Inquiries and submissions should be directed to Satoshi Tanaka.

Format and distribution

Discussion papers will be made available for download in PDF format from the MRG site unless the author specifically requests that the paper not be made available in electronic format.

MRG will attach a cover sheet indicating that discussion papers are unpublished manuscripts and should not be cited without author permission.

If your discussion paper is subsequently published, authors will be given the option to remove the paper from the series and have it replaced with a detailed citation for the published version.

Please notify MRG when your paper has been accepted.

Discussion papers

ISSN 1833-4474



NoAuthors Discussion paper titleDate
47Jorge Miranda-Pinto, Gang ZhangTrade Credit and Sectoral Comovement during the Great Recession2021
46Benoit Julien, John Kennes, Ian KingQuality Job Programs, Unemployment and the Job Quality Mix2021
45Bodman, P.M., Campbell, H. and Le, T.Public Investment, Taxation, and Growth in Economies with Multi-leveled Governments2012
44Le, TRemittances for Economic Development: the Investment Perspective2011
43Carmignani, F. and Laurenceson, J.Provincial business cycles and fiscal policy in China2011
42Le, TR&D spillovers through student flows, institutions, and economic growth: What can we learn from African countries?2011
41Graff, M.,  Tang, K.K., and Zhang, J.Does Demographic Change Affect the Current Account?  A Reconsideration2011
40Le, T. and Tang, K.K.The impacts of academic and industry research on high-tech manufacturing: Evidence from supercomputer usage2011
39Mitra, S. and Sinclair, T.Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Emerging Economies: An Unobserved Components Approach2011
38Ganedogage, R. and Rambaldi, R.Is the State University System in Sri Lanka a "White Elephant"?2010
37Carmignani, F. and Mandeville, T.Never been industrialized: a tale of African structural change2010
36Carmignani, F.Development outcomes, resource abundance, and the transmission through inequality2010
35Bodman, P.,  Heaton, K. and Hodge, A.Fiscal Decentralisation and Economic Growth: A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach2009
34Tang, K.K. and Wong, B.The Ageing, Longevity and Crowding Out Effects on Private and Public Savings: Evidence from Dynamic Panel Analysis2009
33Le, T.North - South R&D Spillovers and Student Flows2009
32Bakwena, M., Bodman, P.M., Le, T. and Tang, K.K.Avoiding the Resource Curse: The Role of Institutions2009
31Carmignani, F. and Chowdhury, A.Four Scenarios of Poverty Reduction and the Role of Economic Policy2009
30Bodman, P.,  Ford, K., Gole, T., and Hodge, A.What Drives Fiscal Decentralisation?2009
29Carmignani, F.The Making of Pro-poor Growth2009
28Barlas Ozer, Y. and Tang, K.K.An Empirical Analysis of Financial and Housing Wealth Effects on Consumption in Turkey2009
27Avom, D. and Carmignani, F.Is Mother Nature a Curse for Social Development?2009
26Bodman, P., Campbell, H., Heaton, K. and Hodge, A.Fiscal Decentralisation, Macroeconomic Conditions and Economic Growth in Australia2009
25Mitra, S. and Sinclair, T. M.Output Fluctuations in the G-7: An Unobserved Components Approach2009
24Carmignani, F.Cyclical Fiscal Policy in Developing Countries: the Case of Africa2008
23Le, T.Trade, Remittances, Institutions, and Economic Growth2008
22Bakwena, M., and Bodman, P.M.The Role of Financial Development in Natural Resource Abundant Economies : Does the Nature of the Resource Matter?2008
21Bakwena, M., Bodman, P.M., and Suardi, S.Making Abundant Natural Resources Work for Developing Economies: The Role of Financial Institutions2008
20Graff, M., Tang, K.K., and Zhang, J.Demography, Financial Openness, National Savings and External Balance2008
19Tang, K.K., Petrie, D. and Rao, D.S.P.The Climate Trap of Health Development: An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Climate and Income on Mortality2008
18Bodman, P.M. and Le, T.Remittances or technological diffusion: Which is more important for generating economic growth in developing countries?2007
17Zhang, J., Davies, J., Zeng, J. and McDonald, S.Optimal taxation in a growth model with public consumption and home production.2007
16Liu, H. and Zhang, J.Donations in a recursive dynamic model.2007
15Bodman, P.M. and Le, T.International research and development spillovers through foreign direct investment and productivity growth.2007
14Strachan. R. W. and van Dijk, H. K.Bayesian Model Averaging in Vector Autoregressive Processes with an Investigation of Stability of the US Great Ratios and Risk of a Liquidity Trap in the USA, UK and Japan.2007
13Yanes, L.Endogenous Technological Capability, Trade Policy and Coordination Failure: A Reconsideration of Economic Take-Off(s)2006
12Zeng, J. and Zhang, J.Subsidies in an R&D growth model with elastic labor2006
11Li, H., Zhang, J. and Zhang, J.Effects of longevity and dependency rates on saving and growth: Evidence from a panel of countries2006
10Zeng, J. and Zhang, J.Optimal social security in a dynastic model with investment externalities and endogenous fertility2006
9Ho, W-M, Zeng, J. and Zhang, J.Inflation Taxation and Welfare with Externalities and Leisure2006
8Tang, K. K., Chin, T. C., and Rao, D. S. P.Avoidable Mortality Risks and Measurement of Wellbeing and Inequality2006
7Bodman, PPaper published as “Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth in the OECD,” (2011), Applied Economics, 43, 23, 3021-3035 
6Tang, K. K. and Zhang, J.Health, Education and Life-Cycle Savings in Different Stages of Development2006
5Lim, A. S. K. and Tang, K. K.Human Capital Inequality and the Kuznets Curve2006
4Bodman, P. M.Are the Effects of Monetary Policy Asymmetric in Australia?2006
3Henry, O. T., Olekalns, N. and Suardi, S.Testing for Rate-Dependence and Asymmetry in Inflation Uncertainty: Evidence from the G7 Economies2006
2Henry, O. T., Olekalns, N. and Suardi, S.Equity Return and Short-Term Interest Rate Volatility: Level Effects and Asymmetric Dynamics2006
1Bodman, P.Paper published as “Output Volatility in Australia,” (2009), Applied Economics, 41, 22-24, 3117-3130. 


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