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The mission of the Macroeconomics Research Group (MRG@UQ) is to contribute towards the understanding of the causes and consequences of fluctuations in economy-wide variables such as inflation, national income, the flow of funds, exchange rates, interest rates and unemployment in the context of growing international goods and capital market integration. The nature of the group's research encompasses theoretical and empirical approaches and aims to highlight implications of economy-wide behaviour for public policy, particularly budgetary, monetary, wages and regulation policies.


The group intends to organise its research on important theoretical and policy related topics, seek funding for its projects and arrange for publication of its research in top national and international publications.

Additionally, members of the group organise seminars for research in progress, including presentations by policy practitioners, and offer consulting services to the public and private sectors.

The group welcomes any enquiry about consultancy work, contract or collaborative research. Please get in touch.


Dr Satoshi Tanaka 

The School of Economics
Level 6, Colin Clark building (#39)
The University of Queensland
St Lucia campus