The members of the EEMG are available for consultancy services in a range of areas within energy and environmental markets. Our expertise in economic analysis and modelling includes:

  • Policy advice
  • Energy markets
  • Environmental markets (both foreign and domestic)
  • Strategic advice for investment decision makers
  • Cost benefit analysis of new technology types
  • Contract research projects.

Briefing papers

Our group members have a great deal of expertise and experience in providing brief and succinct advice to members of government or company directors on energy or environmental policy. 

Government and Industry briefings

Short briefing sessions conducted by the EEMG can be commissioned to provide your organisation with the advice and direction needed to enable decision makers to be informed of the rapidly changing energy and environmental policy landscape. 

Peer review of consulting reports

Utilising our extensive experience of reviewing our peers' work for publication, our members are available to provide best practice assessment of other consultants’ reports and modeling work. More specifically we can provide expert independent review of modeling assumptions and practices to ensure transparency and reproducibility of tendered results, while also providing advice on the consequences of the report outcomes for your organisation. 

Training programs

As an educational institution we can provide an off-the-shelf training solution for new market participants or a fully tailored program to meet your organisational needs. Training packages can range from a full day of briefings to three day workshops outlining the fundamentals of energy and environmental markets. 

Recent advisory clients

  • Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Commonwealth of Australia
  • Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Commonwealth of Australia
  • Department of Resources, Energy and Tourrism
  • Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics
  • Office of Clean Energy, Queensland Government
  • EcoFund, Queensland Government
  • Jilin Provincial Government, P.R. China
  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • United Nations Development Programme

Recent consultancy projects

Project Organisation
Clean Energy Advice Panel Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, Commonwealth of Australia (2012 to present)
National Energy Efficiency Initiative –Smart Grid, Smart City Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, Commonwealth of Australia (2011 to present)
Emissions Trading Scheme Consultancy and Legal Services Panel Departments of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and Prime Minister and Cabinet, Commonwealth of Australia (2008 to present)
Biofuels Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, Queensland Government (2011)
Deployment of distributed generation across the National Electricity Market (NEM) CSIRO (2009)
Briefing papers Office of Clean Energy, Department of Mines and Energy (2009)
Briefing on the CPRS and MRET EcoFund, Queensland State Government (2009)
Review of Renewable Energy Potentials and Options for South East Queensland Department of Infrastructure and Planning,Queensland State Government (2008)