ARC Discovery Project

Modelling Income Distributions over Space and Time: 1985-2010
January, 2014–January, 2016

Determinants, Motives and Channels of Pacific Island Workers' Remittances from Australia
January, 2008–January, 2011

Improving Likelihood Estimators: Theory and Applications to Analyzing Productivity and Efficiency and Forecasting of Probability of Economic Recession
January, 2013–January, 2015

A study of consumers' competence when choosing between complex mobile phone contracts and the regulatory implications of their coping strategies
January, 2009–January, 2013

Should rational individuals be optimistic? Theory, survey evidence, experimental evidence and policy implications
January, 2010–January, 2011

Large dynamic time-varying models for structural macroeconomic inference
January, 2018–January, 2020

An economic analysis of the effect of networks on jobs and mental health in China: patterns, consequences and policy implications
January, 2009–January, 2011

Econometric Estimation and Analysis of Country, Regional and Global Income Distributions
January, 2010–January, 2012

Inductive game theory: experiential knowledge, interactions, and limited inferences in social contexts
January, 2010–January, 2013

Status seeking and economic behaviour
January, 2012

Games and decisions with bounded rationality: Theory and economic implications
January, 2011–January, 2014

Econometric modelling of housing prices and their relationship to climate adaptation issues
January, 2011–January, 2014

Income insecurity in Australia: Who is feeling the pinch and why?
January, 2011–January, 2014

Epistemically feasible choice: implications for sustainable risk management
January, 2015–January, 2018

Estimation of the continuous piecewise linear model and macroeconomic applications
January, 2012–January, 2015

'Fixed-points': extending and deepening our understanding of mathematical and computational aspects of game theory
January, 2007–January, 2011

Legitimacy and representation: A comprehensive study of electoral systems and strategic voting behaviour
January, 2013–January, 2016

Construction of consistent panels of Real Gross Domestic Product and its components at current and constant prices
January, 2009–January, 2013

Information and market price manipulation in trade
January, 2010–January, 2012

Reliability of purchasing power parities from the World Bank

Inequality of opportunity in Australia
January, 2017–January, 2019

Lifelong Education and Health Investment: Implications for Life Expectancy, Economic Growth and Public Policy
January, 2007–January, 2010

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