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Economics student community

Find job opportunities, tips and advice, scholarships, school events and overseas conferences at the school community site. Login to Learn.UQ (Blackboard) and look for Economics Student Community under the 'Communities' tab. 

School policies

Find out more about school policies relating to assessment, credit transfer, and examinations. Explore school policies

Scholarships, prizes and bursaries

There are a range of prizes and bursaries available to current students. These prizes and bursaries reward excellent results during your studies and are available at different points in your program, for students who are yet to begin studying at UQ there are a range of scholarships available

Study overseas

Studying overseas can be a transformative experience, the study abroad program allows you to spend a semester overseas whilst still gaining credit towards your degree. Learn more about where you can go.


Explore opportunities to become a tutor.


Accessing help

Undergraduate Students - speak to one of our student advisors at the Faculty Collaborative Learning Centre

Postgraduate Students - For advice contact our academic advisors

Research Higher Degree - For advice about our RHD programs contact our research advisors