Applications for 2016 are now closed.

The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage collaboration and development of team work attributes between top students from the Honours programs of the School of Business and/or the School of Economics at The University of Queensland.

A proposal for a collaborative research article, the topic of which is chosen by the Director of The Institute of Business and Economics is required. In 2016 the chosen topic is:

“'There have been calls by Australian Government to develop a more innovative business culture in Australia. What are the current challenges and what potential opportunities does this present for the Australian economy and how business and governments more effectively collaborate with universities to achieve a more innovative business culture in Australia?”

Scholarship Value

  • $5,625 per student recipient.

Eligibility for the award

An applicant is eligible for the scholarship if the applicant –

(a) submits an application by the closing date for applications; and

(b) is enrolled full time is an honours program offered by the School of Business or the School of Economics; and

(c) has completed the first semester in the Honours Programs of the School of Business or Economics; and

(d) does not hold another scholarship that is deemed to be similar.

Selection Process

A scholarship will be awarded to one applicant from the School of Business and one applicant from the School of Economics. The successful applicant in each school will be the one who has shown the greatest merit as demonstrated by:

  1. academic achievements in the first semester of honours (and prior undergraduate studies); and
  2. the quality of their proposal for collaborative article; and
  3. other evidence as may be deemed relevant.

Application Procedures

• Fill in the Application Form and attach the supporting documentation
• Closing date for applications by 5:00pm on Friday 1st August 2016
• For further enquiries e-mail