Thank you for your interest in contributing to the economics e-newsletter.


The e-newsletter is sent out every fortnight on a Tuesday starting Week 1, Semester 1 until the end of Semester 2. To contribute, please complete this form. Your submission must be received by 12pm on the Wednesday before the e-newsletter is distributed. You can view distribution dates and submission deadlines here. It is preferred that all items in the e-newsletter direct readers to a URL, however it is possible to add items as an attachment using the form.

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The e-newsletter is broken up into four main sections, which have been chosen based on student feedback. These sections are:

  • Careers and employability – anything from developing skills in CV writing and interviews to internships, mentoring opportunities, training, work experience, workshops etc.
  • Events – economics-focused events, as well as Faculty and UQ events.
  • Important dates – academic dates such as course selection dates, census date, exam periods, scholarship deadlines etc.
  • News – news from the School and University as well as industry/world news (i.e. The Economist).
  • Other – if your contribution does not fit neatly into any of these sections, the newsletter producer will work with you to determine the best way to present the content.

Submissions regarding applications

Generally, information regarding applications will be listed in one or two editions only. The complexity of the application will determine how far in advance of the deadline an application will be featured. Alternatively, you have the option to specify which editions the application information should be included, just be sure to mention this in the comments section when using the form.


Events and deadlines that will take place in the 15 days following the distribution date will be included. If an event needs a longer lead time for a specific reason, please note this in the comments section of your submission form.