Project title: 

Health shocks, health outcomes and demand for medical care

Project duration:

6 weeks



The project seeks to address the question, which type of care has the most impact from health shocks? Using falls in the older population as an example, we will assess the impact of cognitive impairment on falls and subsequent use of health care resources in Europe. Using the SHARE (Survey of Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe) data, the team will provide descriptive analysis and will estimate regression models (e.g. count models) to assess the causal impact of cognitive impairment on falls and the impact of falls on health care utilisation, e.g. hospitals visits and length of stay. This research will draw on the theoretical concept that underpin health economics issues and will utilise applied microeconometrics to answer this intricate question. The project will develop causal mechanisms for answering this question, controlling for confounding factors and unobserved effects, to impact on policy makers’ decision making in efficient use of limited budgets.


The project forms part of a wider initiative at University of Queensland, led by Professor Gannon, on the Economics and Econometrics of Ageing. The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law and the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health co-fund this initiative. The website is currently under development.


Expected outcomes and deliverables:

Current researchers in the team have already set up the data. The Stata code to create variables and merge all waves will be made available to the summer student, but understanding of this code is necessary in order to create additional variables.


The student will meet once weekly with the supervisors, who will also be available by email and regularly on an informal basis. The Centre also has 3 other postdoctoral researchers and 2 PhD students in health econometrics, who will be available on an informal basis to discuss work. Professor Gannon will be available regularly to discuss progress and advise on the project. Dr Kong will be available to advise on further technical issues. 


The student will present their work to the Centre in the final week of the program. 

Suitable for:

 Students are expected to have knowledge of Stata, including use of do files, log files and recording all analysis. The project will use Stata user commands so extensive coding knowledge is not required.

Students are also expected to have prior knowledge of econometric methods, including limited dependent variables, instrumental variables, count models, panel models. A student in honours Economics with econometrics will suit this role.

Primary Supervisor:


Professor Brenda Gannon, Dr Nancy Kong


Further info:

Please apply online and suitable applicants will be contacted.