What happens when I arrive at the School of Economics?

On arrival at the School of Economics, candidates should contact their Principal Advisor and the HDR Liaison Officer.  As part of the induction process, candidates must complete a workplace health and safety checklist and familiarise themselves with the following information and policies: 

What is the role of the UQ Graduate School?

The UQ Graduate School is responsible for the administration of all Higher Degrees by Research Degrees in the University. You will find a number of forms relating to higher degrees by research on the Graduate School website. After completing these forms, they need to be signed by yourself (student), your advisor and the Higher Degree by Research Coordinator, and then submitted to the HDR Liaison Officer.

Do I need to use my student email account?

It is important that you regularly check your student email account, as the Graduate School and the School of Economics send all information and formal notifications to your student email address.

What office space is available for me?

Full-time, internal PhD/MPhil candidates are offered shared office space within the School. Your space may be in the Colin Clark Building or Gordon Greenwood Building. A desk, computer, filing cabinet and shelf space are provided.  Candidates also have access to a printer, and internal/external mail.