Do I receive an allowance for research related expenses?

Each Higher Degrees by Research student is provided an allowance by the School to cover research related expenses, such as conference travel and proprietary software.

School of Economics PhD candidates will receive $5200 in research funding. MPhil candidates will receive $2600 in funding. 

Activities eligible for funding using this allowance include (but are not limited to):

  • conferences or workshops or training courses;
  • purchase of specific software or hardware that are not provided by the School; and
  • purchase of research materials that are not provided by the Library.

Applications to use the funding for stationery or thesis printing/binding will not be approved.  

Use of the allowance must be pre-approved by the HDR Coordinator and Principal Advisor. Students who want to use the allowance to fund conference or workshop attendance are expected to have a paper accepted for presentation.  The student must have attended a minimum of 5 seminars per semester prior to applying. 

 Is there a fund for primary data collection?

Grants of up to $6000 per student are available to support data collection as part of the student’s HDR thesis. Eligible activities for funding under this scheme include fieldwork expenses and running experiments (preferably in the School’s Experimental Economics Laboratory). The student must have completed the Confirmation of Candidature milestone prior to applying. The required ethical clearances must be obtained prior to the release of any funds. Students should contact the Senior Operations Manager in the School of Economics regarding the application process.