The purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage and reward the study of Economics at The University of Queensland.


In these rules-

Head means the Head of School, School of Economics.

Economics courses means courses with the discipline descriptor ECON.

Scholarship means the Economics Honours Scholarship

Specified Courses means ECON2010, ECON2020, ECON2030, ECON2040, ECON2050, ECON2300, ECON3010, ECON3020, ECON3350 or ECON3360.

Award and value of scholarship

  1. The School may award scholarships each year on the recommendation of the Head.
  2. The value of the scholarship will be determined each year by the Head, but will not be less than $7,500.

Eligibility for award

  1. All entrants to the Bachelor of Economics (Honours) program will be automatically considered for this scholarship.
  2. Students must have obtained an overall GPA of at least 6.00 in specified courses.

Selection process

  1. For the selection process, the Head must establish a selection committee, comprising-
    1. the Head, or nominee, as chair of the committee; and
    2. the Honours Coordinator in the School of  Economics.
  2. The scholarship is awarded to the applicants showing greatest merit as demonstrated by academic achievement in specified courses in the Bachelor of Economics.

Conditions for Scholarship

  1. The recipient of a scholarship holds the scholarship for 1 year, subject to the recipient –
  1. continuing to be enrolled full-time in the Bachelor of Economics (Honours); and
  2. achieving a GPA of at least 6.00 in semester 1 in the year in which the scholarship is held.
  1. If a recipient fails to satisfy rule 6(1) the recipient must show cause to the Head why the scholarship should not be cancelled.
  2. The recipient may not hold another scholarship that the Head considers to be similar.
  3. The Scholarship cannot be deferred.


For more information:

Administrative Officer, Honours Program
School of Economics
T: 07 334 69748
E: economics.honours@uq.edu.au