Students experience #UQLife at O-Fest: BEL top tips

13 Feb 2018

The University of Queensland welcomes more than 10,000 new undergraduate and postgraduate students this week to #UQLife– a fun-filled four-week festival of orientation activities and events.

The first cab off the rank is O-Fest – a five-day orientation extravaganza running from 12-16 February. Activities include program welcomes, campus tours, daily live entertainment, moonlight movies, sport and games, speed friending and a welcome BBQ.

For students new to the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, Deanne Strachan, Manager, Student Experience (Student Support) said her advice was to make the most of O-Fest.

“Take advantage of all of the activities happening during O-Fest, which includes your compulsory program and Faculty welcomes,” she said.

“I would add that what happens after O-Fest is just as important: remember to go to class next week. You’ll miss out on so much if you don’t.”

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