Application by Invitation Only - Eligible students will be invited via email by The Head of School to submit an application.

Basis of Award

The Archibald Scholarship was founded in 1911 by an initial gift of $1,000 from the beneficiaries in the estate of the late Honourable John Archibald, MLC. The Archibald Scholarship is maintained by an endowment fund which is open to further gifts.

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and reward the study of Economics at The University of Queensland. This will be awarded to a student currently enrolled in the Economics Honours program at The University of Queensland.

Eligibility & Benefits

The UQ Senate may award one scholarship each year on the recommendation;of the Head of School, as a representative of the relevant selection committee established. The value of the scholarship will be determined each year by the Executive Dean in consultation with the selection committee.

Application is by invitation only and is based on the following eligibility criteria:

Eligibility for the award

An applicant is eligible to apply for the scholarship, if the applicant 
• submits an application to the Head of School  by the closing date for applications; and
• is enrolled full-time in the Bachelor of Economics (Honours); and
• has completed ECON3020 Advanced Macroeconomics and ECON3010 Advanced Microeconomics; and 
• achieved a grade of at least 6.00 in each of these courses, and 
• obtained an overall GPA in their undergraduate coursework of at least 6.50

Conditions of the Scholarship

The recipient of the scholarship holds the scholarship for 1 year, subject to the recipient
(a) continuing to be enrolled full-time in a program in the relevant field; and
(b) achieving a GPA of at least 6.00 in semester 1 in the year in which the scholarship is held.

Application Procedures

• Fill in the Application Form and attach it to your essay 
• Closing date for applications by 5:00pm on Friday 2nd March 2018
• For further enquiries e-mail