Current HDR students, dissertation information and supervisors

Ailin Leng
Economic experiments in continuous time
Supervised by Associate Professor Lana FriesenDr Kenan Kalayci

Anne Cumpston
How students' resources impact their education decisions and outcomes
Supervised by Associate Professor Heiko Gerlach

Anton Pak
Essays on applied spatial econometrics in health economics
Supervised by Professor Brenda GannonProfessor Pravin K. Trivedi

Daniel De Voss
House prices and labour supply in Australia: dynamics, interactions and feedbacks
Supervised by Associate Professor Peter EarlProfessor John FosterAssociate Professor Alicia Rambaldi

Dongjie Wu
Measuring inequality of opportunity in China
Supervised by Professor Prasada RaoAssociate Professor KK TangProfessor Pravin Trivedi

Duc Manh Pham
Advanced mathematical methods for performance analysis
Supervised by Dr Valentin Zelenyuk, Professor Léopold Simar

Jiafei Hu
Uncertain lifetime, bequest, annuity and capital accumulation under different motives of bequests
Supervised by Associate Professor Begona DominguezDr Yuichiro WakiAssociate Professor Heiko Gerlach

Jiayu Wang
Impact of collective forest tenure reform on selected public forest goods and services in China: a case study
Supervised by Professor John QuigginProfessor Rodney Strachan, Professor Glyn Wittwer

Junqian (James) Li
Multiple equilibria in credence goods market with random ending
Suprvised by Associate Professor Heiko Gerlach

Kieu My (Michelle) Tran
Ageing economics, health outcomes and workforce planning
Supervised by Professor Brenda Gannon, Professor Stephen Birch, Dr Chistiern Rose

Nhan Phan
Application of game theory to global free trade
Supervised by Dr Shino TakayamaDr Christoph MuellerProfessor Andrew McLennan

Pablo Neudorfer
Three essays on energy shift: From fossil fuels towards renewables
Supervised by Professor John QuigginDr Eric Eisenstat, Professor Tom Smith

Sabrina Lenzen
Microeconomic models of exercise, cognition and health care utilisation
Supervised by Professor Brenda Gannon, Dr Christiern Rose

Sha Fan
Chinese outward FDI in Africa: motivations, institutions and political effect
Associate Professor Renuka Mahadevan

Sumali Dissanayake
Impact of agricultural trade liberalisation of food security in South Asia
Supvervised by Associate Professor John Asafu-AdjayeAssociate Professor Renuka Mahadevan

Thi Thao Nguyen
To design a voting rule that is the least susceptible to manipulation, both indidvidually and coalitionally by proving analytically and testing with simulation
Supervised by Associate Professor Heiko Gerlach

Zi Yin
Cryptocurrency finance economics
Supervised by Associate Professor Heiko Gerlach